The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Harry has put his plan to move all of Max’s money, into action calling on a few old friends, all taking the role in a bealtes cover band, not knowing the real plan and who really is there roaddie.

As for Lizzie she’s looking for her own way out, not only from the club but from Max’s bedroom as the rest of the family still dealing with then now dead, Carter.

Chapter SeventySeven – Harry drives them to the Villers were, all four of them take a few of the cases apart, Charles is very happy and Rhonda plays the good host until there almost done and Charles simplely kills Rocco in one quick movement.

The Villers get Harry to help them move the body into ford and make him drive, as they drive Harry asks about the retirement plan, Rhonda tell him about her obsession but all Charles want to do is hide in Italy.

There end up god knows were Rhonda and Charles get out, taking the car keys with them but Harry works out that its the same coat he had many days before so now he has his own keys he act quickly

Rhonda pull her beretta and shoots missing with frist eight but hitting her husband with the ninth killing him and the tenth Harry left arm, the car plungges into a muddy pond, and he losse consciousness images of the cavarly comming to his rescue playing in his head.

Chapter SeventyEight- Harry wakes up to find himself in neither Heaven or Hell but in fact still in england and in a hospital, were surgeons have been rebuilding his left upper arm, and if he dose want he’s told he will be fully mobile soon.

Sometime later his mother and father come to see him, have read about the car sinking in a newspaper he will be going home with thwm once he can move.

Lizzie boss turns up 24 hours later and asks if Harry knows want has become of her, they have flagged her passport at Heathrow and even have security cameras showing a female of similar height and build but their not sure. Everyone and now Harry thinks she’s dead. 

There is now no one on this end that could help work out what is really going on Villiers is dead, Rocco is dead, Mrs Villiers has gone mad and Lizzie missing. The police have been to the Mews and all they found were several metal cases with their linings ripped out.

Harry tell Lizzie boss everything, and in turn is told tha Lizzie is part of a task force that works with MI5, MI6 and GCHQ and go after cyberterrorism they were really using Harry to make the link between London and New York though Villiers. But in the end it all came to nothing.

What I think- Just as I though Harry was done for in comes the police to save him once more, So it turns out that Lizzie is some kind of super cop and maybe dead. Which may have upset Harry but not me. Mr McCallum turned her into a bit of a doormat.

Harry has his skills as a actor to fall back. Your leading man was in frist few chapters then got shoot and Lizzie well broken home kid, hard working woman police officer then beds men to make them do things for her. Sure it meant to be the real world and a lot of women do that but after the backstory Mr McCallum gave her she sure as hell be able to think of something better that laying on her back.

I have three more chapter left, which I think will warp things up. What will happen to Harry now, is Lizzie really dead and who now has the money. I think know the anwers the last two question without reading ahead, but you never know.


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