The following blog has spoilers, for the Tom Clancy book The Hunt For Red October this your one and only warning.

Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red October is heading west. 

The Americans want her.
The Russians want her back
And the most incersdible chase in history is on…

Or so says the paper back book I have, over the following blog I cover the whole book and its 469 pages outlining each chapter and then what I think will happen next. A quick look at the book shows there are no chapter numbers, and it would apper that they are titles spanning eighteen days. So that people can read along or keep I will be writing how long each chapter is by page number this will also work for the flim and audio later.


The Soviet Navy submarine Red October leaves the base at Polyarnyy, after two months, her Captain Frist Rank Marko Ramius stands watch as with help from the icebreaker Purga they head to the open sea.

Captain Second Rank Ivan Yurievich Putin – political officer joins him and they talk, Ramius dislike the man and does his best not to let it show, as Putin questions Ramius about his need to be out at sea.

Inside his head Ramius relives his childhood his father rise in the party and the fact he’s half Lithuanian, then about the death of his wife a crime committed not by god but the State, that demanded punishment.

The water around the October rises and Putin heads back inside but Ramius stands watch for another hour until they reach the open sea and leave the Purga, this will be the last time Ramius  will see all this one way or another he’ll never come back.

Ramius gives the dive order and the October is filled noise a the ballast tanks go to work, using the periscope Ramius watchs the black water change briefly to foam, they level off at one hunderd meters. Ramius gives the sub over to Comrade Lieutenant Gregoriy Kamarov and heads aft.

Putin and Ramius are in the wardroom, here there is a safe with October’s orders in side. Ramius has one combination and Putin the other they have fifteen minutes until Ramius can open the safe.

They spend the time talking about how Ramius trians the men, and that his just a sea and not a schoolmaster despite want people say the chronometer chims four. Each in turn they dial in their combination.

The orders are for war games with the attack sub V.K Konovalov and her captian Viktor Tupolev, Ramius knows the captain and will not let Tupolev. As for Putin he knew the orders even before opening the safe.

Putin is about walk out of the door when Ramius kicks his legs from under him and quickly, skillfuly and simply brakes the man’ neck in his strong fisherman’s hands. He uses the tea they have been drinking and makes it look like Putin fell over.

He calls for the medical office who checks Putin yes the man is dead, Ramius act sorry for the man and is sad for him,  Petrov asks if he should report to fleet headquarters, but Ramius shows him orders that are explicit and say maintain strict radio silence, so its with huge sadness Putin body is put in the freezer but not before taking control for the missile control key from around his neck.

Ramius takes the conn once again and he orders the sub to a course of two-nine-zero degrees, west-northwest, the war games are to the east.

What I Think – So that was only the frist chapter/day, I knew that Mr Clancy put a lot into his writing, and it only fair I do the same of this review, each blog post will just be one chapter/day how every long that will be.

And want I have read so far is very enjoy able, we have been given the feeling of being on a Russian sub not only by description of the weather and the sub itseld but the fact that Mr Clancy uses Russian words like zampolit, Rodina and michman with english not to far away so you don’t get to lost.

We have meet the Russian, heard them speak and got inside Captain Frist Rank Marko Ramius head were we go from here is anyones guess.

As always thanks for reading and see you next week when we cover All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October day two


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