Getting closer to town and cites does make it easy for me work wise getting the train and stuff but also hard because places like that have morring time restctions mostly 48 hours which would be fine if work didn’t get in the way. So I have to take making little steps over shooting or under shooting places.

I had planned to put Ezri in the center of Bollington, just outside Adelphi Mill I found lots of mooring rings but looking around a little more I found two small signs which said once again were 48h ones, so that didn’t work but there was just after Clarence Mill were the market had been, 

But I didn’t what people thinking I was part of the market and wasn’t to sure if any of the market narrowboats would stay around. But when I did look again in the following days all the boats had gone to replace by new ones and no room at the mill.

 I didn’t have time to walk pass Bollington and looking at the map the rest of the canal backs onto AstraZeneca, which from the map didn’t look all that clever. 

But on the walk down to the Clarence Mill I saw two set of boats one I think part of a Cruising Club using both sides of the canal and a second few more boats all on pins so I join on the end of the line. The odd thing was Ezri didn’t want to stop even with shuting off her engine she tapped the side of bank and was almost moving off again. I told her would get to the mill so I think she was upset with me, I know it wasn’t a huge move only a mile a bit, but I am going to move every 12 days now just so I can see more of the places on the trip and work out what can see on the way back.

As always thank you reading and see you next week.

Total Miles covered so far (Start point Bugsworth) =  22 miles 6 furlongs

Miles covered this trip = 1 miles 5 1/4 furlongs

Places been/Stopped- Bugsworth, Strines Road Narrows, Carr Swing Bridge, Bancroft Bridge No 8, Higher Poynton Winding Hole, Braddocks Bridge No. 19


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