Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter SeventyTwo to Chapter SeventySix

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Everyone is now in the same place, Harry downstairs tied to a chair, the brothers are trying get it together and their money back. But Carter has the IRS now breathing down his neck. And is losting it. Rocco sloves this by killing Carter and the brothers go to work to cover it up. 

As the rest of the brothers work Max use Lizzie to push Harry into action and move a lot more  money for him as he wants to quit the family.

Chapter SeventyTwo – Max unties Lizzie and tells her that not only did she really see Harry but he now work for him, because of what he saw. She goes along with Max to keep alive and find out what will happen next.

They have sex yet again and Max tells her that he uses people to get wants and then cut them out of his life. Max talks about his father Aldo and his deal with fate, and the one choice no one ever makes for themselves. The frist six year of your life determine what kind of person you are.

Chapter SeventyThree – Harry makes himself something to eat and Rocco follows him around, Harry has a idea on how to move the money, he ask Rocco for his address book and a phone, which Rocco has,

Harry makes a few calls, and then gives Rocco a list of the things he will need, he then talks to Vic who offers to help, and he tells Harry that he’s a idenity thief

Rocco goes off the get the things and Harry talks to Vic some more and they both give each other the same answer.

Chapter SeventyFour – The guy Harry as been talking to over the phone turns up called Travis Cornelius Atwell, Harry tells him the he’s working on one hour special about a group of middle age guys who as kids saw the Beatles play and formed a covers band and now are going to play the Cavern in Liverpool. Travis playing the role of John.

They work though a few more things like the rest of the people who will make up the band and that it will be cash-up front, Travis leaves and Harry makes a few more calls for flights and rooms.

Harry checks the cases will fit, the guys that he and Travis talked about start to show up, they all know each so Harry talks them thought the setup and together they play a few songs with help from a CD. Harry gives them each their fictitious bios and they leave meeting at Kennedy later. Harry even gets their story in the Post newspaper.

Chapter SeventyFive – Rocco calls Max and tells him that Harry has a scheme and the odds are good for it to work.

Chapter SeventySix- Harry now starts to put the money in the cases, and then sleeps a little. Soon it time to leave and Harry and Rocco with help load the van and after a quick trip meet the ‘jersey jumpers’ at the airport.

The bags and cases making though the scanner only it turns out that Travis is wearing a metal corset which almsot gives Harry a hart acttck, but he buys a newspaper and see the story. They reach the other side with no problem get the cases and bags, but are stopped by an officer. Harry shows the guys the newspaper story and off they go out from customs.

In their own van Rocco makes a call and says they have cleared customs and then Harry uses the same phone to call a number which cancels not only the gig but hotel. Throwing the phone back a Rocco Harry pulls quikly into the fast lane.

What I think – Well we are comming towards the end I think, how will Harry get back to the US will Lizzie stop being bouced around Max’s bedroom I just don’t know. What I do know this that Harry is able to do things a little to esay for my liking sure I can belive that you can get group of autors together is a short time and make the sound, look and feel like a band. But to have them gel just like that in few hours I not so sure. 

And the bit with the newspaper I think that would take a little more for customs to wave you though like that maybe fake night club flyers or something. But Mr McCallum is writing this using he own memory and mind set, so the little things are going to be a bit off.


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