The votes have been counted, both this week and last, In all that time I had the sum total of two votes, on here and twitter both wanting me to read/cover Tom Clancy’s  The Hunt For Red October.

So just like The Ipcress Flie I going to give you a little background on the three incarnations I will be using. 

Frist off the book the copy I have is a paperback one a Berkley Book published by arrangement with Naval Institute Press, the cover is embosted with Tom Clancy’s name in white and in gold the title and the image of Sean Connery. Followed by three stills from the flim, then flim credits then half way down the next page we have a print history which tells the frist print was by the Naval Institute Press in 1984 and the Berkley Book edition 1985, then copyright informtion for the flim still which are 1990. The book was printed in united states of america. There are a total of 469 pages. Not counting acknowledgments and at the back of the book a small about the author section.

Second the flim, its a single DVD copyright 1989 by Paramount Pictures and from their Widescreen Collection, just as the book cover it shows Sean Connery in red, and had his name above the title under this is the name Alec Baldwin. On the back of the case there is small a synopsis and the list of special features, then more words naming the directer, producer and the main cast, it also says the flim run time is 130 minutes.

The last incarnation of the story I have is a Harper Collins Audio Book which is two abridged cassette tapes approximately three hours listening, read by Richard Crenna, copyright 1986 unlike the book and  flim case Sean Connery doesn’t feature instead Tom Clancy’s name and the title is printed in purple with a red outline, I have chose to use this incarnation of the audio book as quick serach around the internet has the uncut reading at 12 hours long and reader is unkown. And there for can not be credited as a reliable and credibile soucre.

Now it may look as if I only doing half the work on the audio side of things but the whole point is to see want gets left in and what gets taken out in each form of media and why.

Going into this I know the main characters name is Jack Ryan but that is all. And that The Hunt For Red October was Mr Clancy’s debut novel and that is it.

As always thanks for reading and see you next week when we start All The Right Words – The Hunt For Red October – beginging with the book


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