Me and Ezri didn’t move this week, so I when for a little explore on my own, and found out that running from Friday 14th April to Monday 17th 2017 there was a floating market between bridges 26A & 27 (next to Clarence Mill in Bollington) It was organised by the Roving Canal Traders Organisation. Some of the boat/traders that I saw when I got there were. 
The Art Boat, Crafts by Morgana, Vinyl Cut and Cakes on the Cut more information on them all can be found here 

It was a little like stepping back time, the whole towpath was live again, even the mill on the other side of the canal was open for business. I guess at the high of the industrial revolution that   all the mills along every canal would have been like this only this time swaping coal, cloth and cotton for paintings, wool hats and chocolate cakes.

I did find out that the Roving Canal Traders Organisation, have web page of its own and have a list up coming makets on the canal network, so if you want vist one and buy from a boat or what to become part of the Roving Canal Traders Organisation you can.

As always thank you for reading and see you next week


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