We have reached the end of The Ipcrress File blog posts last week, we have covered the book, flim and even a audio drama by the BBC. Which show us three different worlds using the same base characters. And even if the those differences were very small it was fun finding them and working why they were needed. In the case of the flim it was mostly about cost and the audio drama was bulding on the flim soundtrack and knowing it place in the world with few in jokes.

So the question becomes want do I read next, well that’s were you come in dear reader, I have a list of five authors, and I am going to let pick who it will be. Just like the last time we start with the original book, then move on to any film adaptation that was made and if there is a free audio drama or a cheap audio book I will review that to

So in no real order here are the authors and their books

James Ellroy – La Confidential

Tom Clancy – The Hunt For Red October

Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451

Robert Harris – The Ghost

Pierre Boulle – Planet Of the Apes.

To pick which one I read all you have to do is write the authors name comment section under this post.  And one week later when I have counted to votes the blog will start, if there are no votes or no clear winner I draw one at random. But were is the fun in that. 

Yes I know there no woman authors on my list but that is because the many books I have by woman authors are mostly crime fiction, Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell, Ellis Peters, P. D. James and Val McDermid, and their book end up as episodic TV shows or mini hour long one offs which are hard to find on DVD or the story is in the middle of a run of 24 and some how inerlinks with everthing else. But that’s a blog for another time.

So if you have done thank you reading and don’t forget to vote


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