Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter FortyNine to Chapter FiftyTwo

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far-Harry jumps off the boat Ezno has him on and is believed drowned by everyone, by really he’s swiming for his life. The brother go after the next person they have Lizzie who sticks to her story and gives nothing away.

Max goes to see Vic to tell him to shut down his end of the bussiness but it becomes clear that there is no link to the family save the name so they come up with idea that Vic will move out of the state. As he walks out the office Max sets off a old trap which makes him makes him feel very unwell.

Harry relives a memory as he floats down the river which wakes him up just in time he’s able to pull himslef out and with huge effort walks the 12 blocks home and falls asleep.

Chapter FortyNine – Still feelimg unwell Nino takes Max back to Mazaras were Cora is cleaning up, Max tells her everything she tells him to kill everyone, Villiers when he surfaces and anyone who knows anything. 

He also wants to shut down the club which is fine with Cora she will come up with a story, and when the Limey girl tells them were the money is she can join her buddy in the Hudson.

Chapter Fifty – Harry is woke up by MacAvoy and team one of them know him from the flims he’s done. MacAvoy asks were Lizzie is but Harry has no idea. They checked the boat and got a nasty surprise when they couldn’t find him. And are impressed that he swam back to shore.

Harry over hears the fact that MacAvoy want out doesn’t want be involved, it started out as routine arms deal but now this mess, but Harry has other plans he get the guys to leave but not before learining that is a Al-Qaeda plot not a IRA one.

Working quickly he rehides the money in a hole and puts together all the things he needs to play a vagrant and jumps out the kitchen window down the fire escape and away from MacAvoy and the Witness Protection Program.

As a vagrant he walks around until he runs into a real street preson and for fifty dollors he shows Harry were he sleeps and rents the space he’s shown, sitting there he works out the best place to start is the Marina.

If he could blow up the boat at its moorings EB would come running, when he goes to the Marina he changes his mind sinking it would work just as well.

Chapter FiftyOne – Rhonda Villiers get calls from Harry telling her about the police and Lizzie and she has to make up her mind where or not to ring them herself.

We then relive the day her father kills himself because of a Tax bill and then day she meets Charles who works in the Diplomatic service, It turns out that she would ask Charles to carry thing in diplomatic pouch which her brother would then sell doing this she now has stack of cash all to avenge her father.

She calls the number Harry gives her and ask what if anything her husband is being charged with.

Chapter FiftyTwo- Harry goes and buys a electic drill, a mask and a snorkel and then goes back to his box house only to smash it when a rat comes by so homelessness is no longer an option so he rents a car.

Under the cover darkness he’s able to reach the boat only to find out that he needs to make a starter hole he about to give in when DeWalt provided a Phillip head bit using this and holding the ropes of the boat he’s able to make ten small holes.

He get out of the Marina and back into his car and from the top of a parking lot is able to watch and wait slowly the boat starts to sink and at one o’clock the following afternoon and black town car pulls up and out gets EB.

What I think – When Harry frist starting playing the hero I did think here we go some huge over blown Die Hard tale but no nothing, like that Lizzie is still all lost the cops want to walk away and the bad guys are doing there best to hold it together. Harry is thinking takiing on a role each time to deal with each problem as it presents itself can’t blow something up then sink it.


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