All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following  blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap-Harry’s friend Jock is dead and so is the CIA man would warned him to stay clean, the Dr. who he’s looking after has lost his mind, Harry is not doing very well, and now on the train to Paris he’s kidnapped and put in a cell.

Chapter Ten- After five days, the door of Harry’s cell is open and three people walk in one in a white coat the others in uniform, then BlueJay walks in Harry is told that they are Albanian so therefore do not speak English. Harrynis here because he’s read the file and therefor the plan they have for him will not work.

Two days later the uniforms are back this time they lift him out of the cell and down the hallway, to the Dotor who gives him somthing. They take him to a room with a huge steel box and projet sounds and strange shapes at him over and over. Its some kind of Hypnosis Bluejay talks to him slowly trying to make him forget his name. Harry fights it.

More days past Harry still fights on day 11 Bluejay try again, Harry does as he’s told.Bluejay tells him Harry is the bad guy he’s the one doing the killing and the stealing of flies. Harry belives all this and wake up back in his cell. With the palm of his hand cut and swollen.

He looks for the thing that made the cut but can’t find it the uniforms come foe him once more but he fights them locking them in his cell, he runs and and runs until he’s outside, over a wall he goes at a London bus passes him.

On the otherside of the road is a call box he rings Dalby, he tells Dalby were he is but sitting next to Dalby is BlueJay.They try the hypnosis and Harry does as he’s told he ring Ross.

What I think- In the book the hypnosis is only a small part of the chapters, we hear the spy as he plays off the people around him trying to keep him mind. The flim shows it being the only part and lot is made of. I am not saying that it bad they way show the passing days is nice touch. But the reveal Blue Jay and Dalby are working together is bit to quick as well.


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