The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The Book so far- Max goes to see Sal and his sister-in-law and they work out a new plan if Rocco can kill Villers do then come home, but if not come home anyway. The paper trail will take years to link them.

Harry on the other hand is still in the cell, when he gives his statement to Ivan, he meets a second police office Lizzie Carswell who makes him go over everything one more time. She then feeds him some of him own life story. And tells him he’s free to go or would he like to help her.

She tells him all about her and Ivan work and how Villers is involed (he’s still in a cell not talking) they do all this in Harry hotel room while she has a bath. They have sex and Harry says sure he will help her. So the next day Harry is told take the money to a place and then meet Lizzie at another.

Chapter ThirtyTwo-We go barkwards in time a take look back Lizzie’s early life and how her mother and father take no notice of her, Its only when she goes and meets Miss Aitken who helps with her love of maths. When she’s twelve her mother tells her that her father has gone, she ask why and when but her mother has no answers for her.

Later on she trys to apply for a driver’s licence only to be told there is record of her brith but after an extensive search she finds out her parents have lied to her about ture brithday, and a deeper search she learns that they had married because of careless copulation.

After beating a lad in an athletics race, she comes to the realisation that wining is everything. And on the day she join the police her mother walks out on her which makes her more determined to push on and in record time becomes a plain clothes detective.

Chapter ThirtyThree-Harry and Lizzie meet again and he still has the money, She asks him if he will ring the number Villiers has given them and he’s ask them to take back the money but here in the UK but back in the US.

After a lot toing and frowing Harry says yes and off they go to ask Lizzies boss, whos giving a talk at the BBC. First Lizzie talks to her boss and Harry can’t hear because of the sound proof room, but then when she’s done its his turn. In his Harry feels its 1944 and he’s about be dropped in France, but Lizzie’s boss tells him its going to fine and they should work on their cover Lizzie being a rep for package tour company. 

She gives him two jobs one to make flight reservation and his second is to work out how he will bring the money back into the US he thinks and actors routinely carry things with them when they travel he picks on three camrea cases, so with in a few hours buys, picks up and checks the cases to make sure its able to carry the money.

Chapter ThirtyFour-With great patience and using the skills his Father had show him many years ago Harry goes to work on the three case slicing the black foam in each case so that the money will fit. In morring Lizzie rings him and asks frist about the flight and then that she will be sending someone over of the money.

But Harry tells her want he’s done having three new cases of camera equipment, Lizzie is a little taken a back and on her end of the phone there muffled talk and she tells him to just let the airline know about the next bags. He does and after endless compuerized menus things are worked out.

Chapter ThirtyFive- Rocco is back and he wakes Max with some food and they talk about Max’s frist time being involved in a hit with Papa Aldo. Rocco leaves and Max goes out to buy Lotto quick picks.

As he walks home Senor Hernandez walk up behind him, he tell Max about his reorganization at his end in simple words they want to stop working in place like New York, and pick less Populated towns. And he wants the Bruschetti to setup the network Max has talk with his brothers.

Chapter ThirtySix-Harry and Lizzie get to the airport and have the three camera bags run though an X-ray machine, when the jet takes off Harry tells Lizzie about flight over it turns out that she was plant a undercover cop. Which makes Harry mad and a little cheated, but trys to set his mind at rest by asking him about New York.

Ivan has taken an RAF flight before them, and Harry asks why didn’t they but Lizzie says its more believable this way. At the baggage hall there see there other bags but have to go to the oversize section for the cases. Where Harry get recognised for a flim he’s been in with Tom Cruise, they make it to Harry’s apartment and he gives her a quick tour.

She’s imperessed by the people he’s worked with and the fact his father was a cop, asks him how to get to West Tenth and asks if its the DEA Drug Enforcement Agency office. She also asks of a spare key. She leaves 

Harry unpackes and goes shopping, later Lizzie cames back she tells him about a drugs bust and Special Agent Marty P. MacAvoy and how he can only spare two agents at six so Harry will have to make the call a six tonight and that he needs something so Marty’s men can follow him. They go and get somthing to eat.

They talk about what stated as one call is now becoming a series of them which Harry in not to happy about, Lizzie says just make the calls one by one and he should just act the part use want he knows.

What I think – For the last few chapters I have talked about Mr McCallum odd old world england vibe but I not going to the do that this time, I am however going to talk about what I think will happen by the end. Lizzie is not really who she’s says she is and will end up dead  or with the money. Her backstory is just a little off. Harry will be the fall guy for all of this and unless dead he’ll be in hidding. The brothers will get killed by Hernandez’s people or the police and as for the guy who was our starting point in this book who knows he’s only been a few chapters and only for a little bit.

As always I hope you have enjoyed want you have read and will be back for the next part. 


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