All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following  blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap-Harry gets the Dr back, But in the exchange he kills as CIA officer, Dalby give the task of looking the Dr the CIA follow Harry and tell him be good boy or they will kill him. A few second later the Dr. Goes mad and forget all this work. Back in the office Jock points out the word IPCRESS on book he’s reading and goes the check something but ends up dead.

Chapter Nine-Harry thinks that the CIA killed Jock thinking it was him, so moves in with Courtney, but when he goes home the CIA man is dead on his flat and the file he put away is missing. So he goes to see Dalby who tells him lose himself. 

Leaving Courtney he goes for a train to Paris and Courtney rings Ross. Dalby and Ross have a meeting, Dalby tells Ross everything and they pick Blueajay, back on the train Harry is Kidnapped and taken to a cell.

Time passes and he’s feed but no-one talks to him, he takes a nail from his bed and marks the walls five days in someone opens the door.

What I think- The film has shifted the action from the world wide places like Gibraltar and the atomic testing grounds to just outside London and the surrounding area. All the beats is still the same Harry is asked the same type of questions but not necessarily in the same order, two people he knows are killed and framing has started. It stands up and simple unlike bit of the book


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