All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following  blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap- Harry and Dalby go the park and does a deal with Bluejay for £25,000 for the Dr. And few hours later in a underground car park. Harry, Dalby and two other men meet two men beloging to Bluejay there is exchange, the men give Harry the Dr. and Harry gives them the case with £25,00 in it. The men drive off and then in the shadows there is movement Harry opens fire and kills and forth man who belongs to the CIA.

Chapter Eight-In his office Dalby tells Ross that the CIA should told them about their man, Togther they agree to put Harry on surveillance of the Dr. Who appears to be physically fit but doesn’t remember being kidnapped.

Harry and the Dr. Spend a few days toghter and then they make it to a lecture on high energy physics, a second man introduces the Dr and he beings his lecture about the proton-proton scanner, as Harry cleans his glasses. In few seconds in the Dr can only repeat the first two lines of his lecture. 

With his glasses back on Harry notices someone in the crowd and follows them, he pulls a gun and the man turns out to from the CIA. Harry told they are going to tail him until he’s clean, if not he’s a dead man.

Ross and Dalby in a park they talk about the Dr who is suffering from some kind of amnesia he can function as a human being but not as a scientist anymore, they send Harry to talk to Bluejay and the CIA man see the meeting.

Back in the office Jock has something to show Harry, Jock has a book which when take the frist letters of word in the title the spell out Ipcress, Jock goes off to see the Dr. But at a set of traffic lights is killed shot dead. 

What I think – Here is the best example of all the right words but not necessarily in the right order, in the book the killing of the CIA man happens in Gibraltar. In the flim it happens in a car park, Dalby backs up Harry up over Ross and Ross in turn tries to con Harry. Then the CIA tell Harry they will kill him if he’s not clean.

We have a few minor characters in the Book which are not even mentioned and one seems to be totally forgotten to be replaced by Jock, who I am taking to be Chio the odd thing is why kill him. Maybe its a swap out for the CIA man that Harry is supposed to know.


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