New Layout…

As you can tell I have had a layout change, I was trying to make it so that each blog post would one colour – Ezri’s post blue, Bookends’s red and All the right words’ brown but that didn’t work out. But want I did find was a word cloud and links to set up twitter, flickr and Youtube. Thery should on the right hand side of this post.

A word cloud is really just a list you can click and that fillers all the post which have that word in them like pressing David McCallum should just show all the Bookend post and same if you clicked Ezri just her post would show.

I wanted to make thing easy for people so that they could get the right place, some people just want the book stuff or others just want the narrowboat things. And I didn’t want you to have dig thought pages you didn’t want.

Plus having the links to Youtube and Flickr will save me a bit of room here, I can just post one photo here from flickr and the rest you see over there by pressing the link, and if miss a video the link will take you to the Ezri playlist.

All The Right Words will have five more posts and will end with audio drama after that, I am not sure what to cover next, another Michael Caine film (Alfie) but that two flims and one book mybe a John le Carre (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) one book, two flims and audiobook, or crime author R D Wingfield (Inspector Frost) four books, ITV Television series And a handful of audiobooks but I am not sure really.

As for Bookends we still have the rest of Once A Crooked Man to get thought and then Mr Stephen King so I hope you stick around, if the new layout doesn’t work for you let me know and I will try and change it. 

If you have done thank you for reading.


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