Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter TwentyFive to Chapter TwentyNine.

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The book so far – The Bruschetti brothers have put there plan into action, and the frist killing goes to plan. Carter however is still unsure that they have everything covered. Max meets with the other end of the pipeline and explains that he and brothers want out. Harry our actor friend using money from a Ad heads to London, and tries to meet with Colonel Villiers but the frist ends up talking to his wife. But the second time just as Rocco and co. Try to shoot the Colonel. Harry ends up stopping the killing and both he and the Colonel end up driving away.

Chapter TwentyFive- Harry and the Colonel drive into a car park, were the Colonel asks about how Harry knew what was going on. And Harry him a half turth, the Colonel wants the ring Max and tell him but Harry says that he will do that and to just carry on with way things are.

The Colonel has a back-up van waiting for him so they change from the jag to a old ford escort taking a old suitcase with them, the colonel even has a gun which scarrs the crap out of Harry when the Colonel cracks the safety of it.Then he tells Harry were to park the car and leaves him.

In need of change of pants Harry drives the car to a street a few yards away from his hotel, pays for parking and then heads to room, but Harry takes the case the Colonel had left. In his room he changes showers and then opens the case. Its full of money US dollars about half a million he just about put all back when the door of his room opens and in walks a maid to clean his room.

Chapter TwentySix- A mad Rocco watches as an ambulance takes away Eddie, Rocco rings Max who tells him ‘no loose ends this time’. Rocco quickly looks around the hospital puts a plan in action, Eddie is under police guard so Rocco needs some tools.

He buys a professional cook’s knive, surrgical gloves, a white telescoped cane and a blank ID holder. Once back inside the hospital he buys a bunch of flowers and heads to the A&E were he asks about the guy with the fractured legs.

Helpfuly he’s told that guy is stilp wating to been seen so throwing the flowers away and stealing a white coat head up stairs and waits but just as he about act they start to move Eddie so Rocco follows. 

Rocco then starts a small fire in a supplie room, and the guy pushing Eddie around heads in to see if they are really it see Eddie, Rocco get rid of the policeman by telling to go a wait in the Doctor but the copper is distracted by the fire.

Rocco makes his makes his move and with one quick action pushies the knive into Eddie then heads back down stairs using the white cane and fooling people his blind. When clear of both the hospital and the helpful people he throws away all the tools.

Chapter TwentySeven- Harry now has three cases, two which are his and one full of money. With little help get them all in the Escort and then drives for a bit trying to think, he could one of three things return to No. 4 and give the cash back, tell the police everything or more thinking time.

He picks the last one, makes way to Paddington station and then buys a ticket to a place called Taunton, on the train he sits back and watches the world go by, he even asks a man about hotels and is told about one called ‘The Waterside’ he takes a room but is a little worried when they ask for a way to settling his acount but uses he American Express card anyway. His room he gazes at the money and the limitless possibities.

Chapter TwentyEight-New York and Max’s life is very complicated now, who hell saved the Colonel, he wants to walk think but Nino takes him to the club, were Rhonda Villiers calls him telling him about the attempt, then the Colnel himself who tells Max what went down and the fact that he gave Murphy the pick up money and Murphy is heading to Heathrow.

Plus that fact he thinks that telecoms van is a surveillance one and thanks Max for sending Murphy. Max just telling he will look into it.

Max gets Enzo and tells him anout the failed hit and the fact they out by a good bit of cash but not of that matters, Villiers thinks it the other side and when come out hidding will be taken down, Rocco has plugged the leak and the guy who’s taken the money if his smart will quickly and quiely spent it. All Enzo need do is get eveything set up and show the colombians they are efficient and reliable.

Chapter TwentyNine- Harry wakes up the following morroing and after reading the newspaper finds out the the police have a suspect in custody he now has a little breathing room.

But still needes hide the money so he thinks about a bank no, a funeral gives him an idea about a burial he’s buys two new Tumi cases, then a small black shovel, bin lines, roll of duct tape and a trouch. After rentting a car and quick look at map he drives to a hollow around Buckland St. Mary marks the place on his map and then heads back to town.

At one in morning he heads back out carrying the case as he digges the night silence is broken by a bracking dog but its let inside a house a Harry can start digging again

But then as covers the case behind him someone quote “alas, poor Yorick ..” It Colonel Villiers, the Colonel knew that Harry didn’t really know Max or really what was going on so did a bit digging of his own and because Harry used his American Express to buy the train ticket he was able find him.

Villiers makes him dig up the case, so Harry tells him the whole truth, he even tells him that he’s an actor Villiers takes out his gun and tells Harry to shut his eyes, but when he opens them again Villiers has collaped after being hit on the head.

The man who did this is called Ivan and has been infact three people that Harry has seen before one the worker on roof at the Mews, then the van driver and fially the man on the train who told him about the Waterside.

Ivan handcuffs Villiers and two more men turn up one a uniformed policeman up who takes Villiers away, as for Harry Ivan and he end up in Taunton police station and then Harry is put in a cell not sure if he’s been saved or arrested.

What I think – Hopefuly the english end of the story will end soon, because it like reading two book one set in the 21th cenurty the other in a twilight world of an england in the 1950’s. Once again Mr McCallum is let down by the little things For example when the ambulance comes to pick up the guy with the fractured legs he says the sound of bells clanking, As far as I’m aware ambulances have sirens, 

And when we’re in the hospital it sounds like something out of a very old bbc drama. Yet the worst thing is when Harry is moving the cases from the hotel to the van he’s stolen or being given. There is a gentleman of Indian descent who helps Harry and it sounds very much like a bad Peter Sellers impression. But there is a odd thing to on the train, he uses the line ‘the roll with the sausage’ not ‘the roll with sausages in it’ I think this comes from Mr McCallum scottish roots as the scottish would say ‘roll ‘n’ sausage’ 
As for the story is getting a bit odd the guy that open the story has hardly been in it and Harry is now getting very luckly.


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