All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following  blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap-The office are still working on the tape Harry found, trying to work out want it means. When Ross meets Harry in supermaket asking him steal a copy of the Ipcress file but Harry says no. And Ross tell him he may end up severing time. Back at the flat Courtney and Harry try to work out who is working for who but in the end they don’t much care.Her for Dalby and him for Ross or maybe the other way. Dalby asks Harry to come and see brass band with him.

Chapter Seven-Dalby takes Harry to hear the bass band and as the watch Bluejay turns up and Dalby gives him the same offer Harry did only a few days before, but they end up at the price of £25,000 Dalby says yes and few hours later, in a car park they meet agian.

The hand over is made the money in cash for the Dr. Bluejay goes and then Harry fires his gun into the dark killing someone.

Differences between – This whole chapter is not in the book or if it I am not sure want its meant to be by this point Harry is the head of the department and has been given two officres. The Harry here is still kept on a very short leash, And has to be led about by Dalby and the fact Bluejay will only deal with Dalby is bit odd.


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