All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton. 

The following  blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap- The police ring Harry to tell him abour someone they have picked up, but when him and Jock get there the man has been killed. So there are no leads to finding the Doctor but on the change sheet there is the name of the street were the man was picked. Harry works out that there is a Warehouse around that area, And using Dalby clearance here at the place only to find it empty. But in the still warm stove there is a tape with the word Ipcress wrote on it 

Chapter Six -Harry is shopping (a supermaket in the 1960 was new things) when his old boss Ross stop him from paying over price tin mushrooms what his really doing is trying to micro flim copy of the ‘Ipcress’ flie. Harry tells him forget it. Back at his flat him and Courtney work out who’s working for who in the end they don’t really care.

Back to the tape they found after running it though all manner of things on-one has a clue what its meant to be, Harry has weekend plans for him and Courtney but Dalby stops them and tells him to come and watch the band of the scottish gards.

End of Chapter.

Differences between-There are quite a lot of differences between the book and the film now For example the fact Harry’s old boss Ross has come out straight and ask/told him to steal the appropriate file Rather then try to sell him a file as in the book in drunken night in a club,’Courtney obviously is Jean, So the development of her character is rather quick and she is working either for Ross Or Dolby, But Harry really doesn’t care.

The cast of characters is rather small than the book we’ve had mentioned of two But not any real appearance Jock is I guess the two army officers and Chicco here is just an office boy rather than General factotum.


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