Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter Eleven to Chapter Nineteen

The follow blog will have Spoilers and a plot outline for the book Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum leave now if don’t want to know what has been go on.

The book so far- We have meet Carter Allinson who at one time sold pot in high class neighbourhood butwhen he wished to leave to get married, The Mob decided he’s then going to be the money cleaner and wash all their dirty money using his father in law company. This had been going on for the las 16 year until two of the mob heads want to turn over new leaf.

Harry Patrick Murphy is a actor who on the way home from an Audition needs to pee and unfortunately the restaurant he picks is shut as the Bruschetti mod are holding a sumit so he use the back ally and over hears what they have planned.

The Story Continues-

Chapter Eleven-Two of the Bruschetti are ride back, and One makes a reservation on a plane to London, and then Bogota and they talk about want they are going to tell Carter.

Chapter Twelve- Max and Carter meet in Carnegie Dell, Carter’s life is going well his wife is throwing a cocktil party for the hospital she works for and his kids are doing well. When Max tells Carter the news, Carter is a little warery telling Max about Julian who runs the london end is a little flaky and that change often produced unanticipated consequences.

Chapter Thirteen-Max walks back the Fiery Dragon, Carter could turn state’s evidence and hang them all killing Santiago and Villiers in London sure that’s necessary but do they kill Julian and his boyfriend maybe Carter himself and were do they stop.

Chapter Fourteen- We are in england now, in west London with Roco Martinelli has he makes plans to kill off Percy Santiago and the Colonel (Villiers), the idea is to make it look as accidental or natural as possible, to the this a idea for Santiago death sparks when he see a poster on a wall. He goes to Hampstead Heath and watchs the boys ply there trade. 

For two nights he watches no boy and even follows him home, and when the boy leaves he brakes in taking only the telephone number, the next days he arms himself with a few things even a new door lock.

He rings frist Santiago telling him need to meet him and the calls the boy arranging a evenings entertainment at the Dorchester Hotel under the name Herbie Smith, he sees the boy leave and changes the lock the heads to meet Santiago. They meet and Santiago ask wants going Roco tells him a few half turths and they get inside the boys flat in minutes Santiago is dead and has been die with a smile on his face, but dress in woman’s underwear

Chapter Fifthteen-Max again this on his own heading to Mazaras a small spaghetti joint he’s father once ran and over the years Max had done it up and runs a few nice girls there, the head one Cora Hunt he caches sleeping. He wakes her and get to pack him a bag, she asks him why and he just tells her that things are changing for the better.

Chapter Sixteen-Carter is playing golf with his father in law his mind still on what Max told him and the others, his fears start to show a little fist missing a shot on the green and second when he goes home to his wife Fiona and she tells him about one there friends being arrasted for using information he husband has and been insider trading. Carter still not sure that everything will go on with Max.

Chapter Seventeen-Max takes a plane to Medellin and then travels to place called Finca de Los Caballos Blancos were he meets a men and tells him that this family want out and he got douts about Carter Allinson, he the tells the man that the only people that know whole picutre will be taken care of. Max leaves and back in New York tells Benny about the meeting. 

Rocco wants wait a couple days before killing the Colonel but Max wants it done frist thing thursday.

Chapter Eighteen-Harry agian he’s feeling rejected after his agent told him he didn’t get the part in the play so he goes for ran, his hand starts to bleed again and that kicks him into action he rewrite the list of words from his phone and work out why not just ring Villiers in England so that’s what he does only to be told Colonel is out of the country.

Chapter Nineteen-Detective Sergent Ivan Sapinsky almost knocks over his coffee as he looks up a telephone number ‘Murry H. P.’ New York.

What I think so far- First off sorry that its only nine not ten chapters this week but chapter fourteen is a little bigger that most so I wanted to keep everything quick a easy to read. I am not sure weather Mr McCallum wrote this from memory or his American publishers told him to write this way, I get the New York stuff I understand that but for the english stuff its like a 1950/60 black and white film sure we have Marks and Spencer’s but when was the last time the men’s department was called the haberdashers and its DIY/hardware shop and not store. And the whole Hampstead Heath thing its men not boys he makes sound as if the activity is still illegal. I am not trying to be down on Mr McCallum but I sure a little research or a trip to the UK would have put a few things right.
Like I said before it’s a good overall story and very simple to read the odd size of chapters is a little jaring when I came to 14 after zipping though the others but I can still keep it all in my head without rereading things so I look forward to seeing how it all works out.


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