Narrowaboat Ezri -Mapped Out..

Last weekend I worte about two sets of locks being replaced and renewed, one on the Peak Forest the other on the Ashton. When I was at the Peak Forest open day I was handed a small fold out map showing the whole Manchester and Pennie canal network.

The map was desinged and illustrationed by Bek Cruddce – Cartography and Illustration and given out by members of the Canal and River Trust to many members of public and as such is public domain in fact on Miss Bek Cruddcd web pages she has the full network of canals there to view. All the maplets are now available at Canal and River Trust Welcome Stations, offices, museums and towpath events, or contacting the Canal and River Trust region offices

Having spent many hours pouring over internet pages and print outs when trying to explain to other people were the canals are ‘in the real world’ and being that google maps can’t tell a river from a canal.  The maplets are very useful simple yes but they show the main points and the National Rail Stations which is always good to know. Even other water ways not run/looked after CRT.

I am not saying that you stop using things like Canalplan, waterexplorer or the Collins/ Nicholson’s canal guides if you never been to a place/area before local knowage is the key when heading into the unknown but I would use them if need quick point of reference or if planning spend a lot time ​in that area. They can useful. I will using my map to mark out the parts the trip me and Ezri are planing this year just so you can keep up.


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