Bookends – Bookreview- Once A Crooked Man by David McCallum – Chapter One to Chapter Ten.

Well before I start the point line I have read, I will just talk a little about the layout of the book the chapters so far a no more than a few pages long in fact the frist chapter is only three pages. Its a lot like reading short video clips its that an American writing style or something brand new as if the reading will get bored if they read more than a few paragraphs.

Plot So far- 

Chapter One -It 1998 and we meet Carter Allinson 3rd as he falls in love with Fiona Walker, Fiona’s father gives Carter a job his Wall Street investmet firm and the two are married, 

Two – Its 2015 and were in New York with actor/voiceover man Harry Murphy as he goes about his daily life shopping for his mother birthday on want little money he has when he’s asked my agent to read a play and go to voiceover audition for mayo.

Three – Back to Carter who at 16 years was running weed people he knew around his upscale New York neighbourhood but when he wants to end so he can marry Fiona the boss (Salvatore Bruschetti) of ring pulls him and they come to An arrangement where Carter will invest Money using His father in Law’s company making their payments and profiteering seem legitimate.

Four- Harry Murphy reads the play he’s been sent all about a man in a box reliving his life but the going crazy when he’s repatriated to the United States, Harry heads out but hit by a taxi on his way to Queens but with no real serious injuries carries on his way.

Five-Max Bruschetti who one month earlier had some kind of collape is now in bed with a young woman, he’s become restless and frustrated with his life now, he gets up and dress and with the woman meets his brother Enzo on a cruiser boat and they travel to meet their other brother Sal. Max wants to change the way they did business.

Six-Harry makes it the casting his fingers are a little bloody but the damage mininal, he’s meet by a blonde who swaers and walks pass him.Lenny the casting person asks if Harry has the sides (script pages) but Harry says he knows the line which Lenny doen’t much like, Harry reads the lines but Lenny dosen’t like that and tells ‘Harvey’ that is worng and to did his way. So Harry does it the way Lenny wants it and then leaves, In need of a pee

Seven-Max and Enzo take a ride to Fiery Dragon it flashing neon sign telling of ‘Good Food’ and Available ’24Hours’ the only people inside are the staff and Salvatore with a bottle of Cutty Sark and three glasses. Sal and Max tell Salvatore theg want out and show him paperwork and in the end all they have is 7% of the whole organization. Enzo is irritated and bewildered but before Max can pasafie him and guy walks though the door who needs to pee.

Eight-Harry didn’t want to pee himself so he makes his way around the back of the Fiery Dragon, were he Relieves himself all over the garbage bags as he listens to the people in a restaurant talk.

Nine-Max, Enzo and Sal make plans to shut down all the Illegal end of the business. And long few of their old friends have been working for them they even work out that Carter had been with them for sixteen years. Then about there old man and how estabishehed power by terror and intimidation. Sal then doesn’t agree with giving two guys Santiago and Villiers severance he what’s them both killed. And being head of the family Max and Enzo go along with and all three leave.

Ten-After he’s done peeing Harry starts to makes notes about want has been said on the other side of the open widow, still not beleving want he’s heard Harry heads to another coffee shop and works out what hell does it have to with him.

What I think- Well once you get use to the very short chapters is quite a easy and fun read you don’t lose the thread of wants going on as you if there Multiple situations and people. You go from one chapter to the next with a very clear idea what has been happening and how the time of the story works.

I am looking forward to seeing were Carter comes back into the story and want Harry’s next move will be. I will sticking to the ten chapter format for now, but if the chapters get longer I maybe work some new.

If have done thank you for reading and until next saturday keep reading.


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