The follow blog will have Spoilers for the ipcress files film starring Michael Caine and spoilers for the book of the same name.

Recap- We watch as a Dr. is kinapped and the man who is looking after killed, we then see a man called Harry Palmer be moved from one government department to another and given the task of trying to find a man called ‘Bluejay’ who the governmet belive may know were the Dr. when, Harry Palmer finds ‘Bluejay’ in The British Library.

Chapter Four-Harry tells him that he’s looking some Scientific equipment which has gone missing and hopes that ‘Bluejay’ can help. But all ‘bluejay’ does is point the sign which says silence so Harry asks again, this time ‘Bluejay’ writes down a telephone number and tells Harry to call after six. Harry goes outside to the call box a calls to number but it doesn’t work, but he see ‘bluejay’ walking back to his car he tries to stop both ‘Bluejay’ and bodygard from getting away but all he ends up doing is chaseing their car.

He head back to the office were Dalby ask for a Progress report he asks Antico but does not ask Harry so he has to volunteer the information that I found ‘BlueJay’ Dalby acts disappointed and tells everyone to fill their report forms. Harry heads home.

Reching his flat he see that lights are on and the door is open, He breaks into his own flat to find that Courtney is waiting for him having seached his flat and found nothing just unauthorised gun, Harry starts to make a meal and ask  Courtney want she will tell Dalby and says that she say he’s not the tair away Dalby think he is infact Harry is lot more that what shows.

Harry ask her why is does want she does and Courteny tells her husband was killed in Tokyo so the government gave her a job. Harry tells her how he ‘join’ the department as he talks he Brakes for eggs into a bowl Courtney’s response is your very professional he says so are you, she asks do really need all that food. 

‘Its as easy to cook two as its one, I though you would join me.’

‘No thank you I am not realy hungery.’

End of chapter.

Differences between-Well the book is out the window at this point the whole night club has been replaced with finding ‘Bluejay’ follwing his car and man into British Library trying to wrestle the gentleman to the ground. After discovering the phone number he gave him doesn’t work. Dalby’s end of day brifing and Courtney replace the emergency call. All this some how moves the story along and nothing is changed by it as I guessing Courtney is Jean by just another name.


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