Bookends – What To Read ?

Having last year read The Ipcress Files by Len Deighton as part of my “All The Right Words” blog and now that the comparison with the film is in full swing, I though I would take a look at my physical bookshelf, A lot of my books fall in two kinds one science fiction and the crime or mystery, the scfi books mostly take place in the Star Trek universe and cover all the incarnations, and a full other which are not Star Trek, author like Mich Benn, Ray Bradbury, Pierre Boulle, Robert Llewellyn and Douglas Adams.

As for my crime/mystery books they are lot more varied but do follow on a theme/author, Dick Francis, Gregg Taylor, John Le Carrie, Tom Clancy, Anthony Horowitz, Ian Rankin  and Tim Prasil (see Help for the Haunted blog)  plus two physical books by man who doesn’t exist are a big part of that section of the shelf.

That brings me to the point of this blog I have taken two books from each section of the shelf bookends if you will, I am not going the just pick a Trek that would be cheating and not picked a book by a well know author of mysteries or crime fiction. I picked first time author and writer know mostly for his horror books, the books are 

Once a Crooked Man by David McCallum (yes the actor)

11.22.63 by Stephen King

The question is which did read frist, I only things know for each book are the tag line of the Stephen book is ‘the day that changed the world what if you could change it back?’ And the fact that David McCallum’s book is a debut novel in fact my copy came from the frist printing for the American market. 

I will take each in turn a read it but unlike ‘All the right words’ I have nothing to compare it to so therefore it will be a review of just words, and weather or not will read it again 


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