Narrowaboat Ezri – Locked Out Part One

This the frist blog post of 2017 from Ezri, I wanted the first one to the beinging of our new adventure around the Cheshire ring but before that can start. I have the opportunity to see how even in this high tech world there is nothing like 200 year old working caftsmanship.

The locks at Marple are undergoing repair and replacement, so have been shut for all navigation which in itself not a small job. All 16 locks have to be checked and if needed drained, locking a lock is just a simple as that you lock the gates in place and that’s that, but want happens to the water inside the lock well after putting blocks in each or sealing the intakes its pumped out further down the system.

But a 200 year lock is not always watertight so there is some leaking thar dose happnen so away around this is to redirect the water past the lock though the over flow or simple empty the above and below the one that needs repair, Using both methhoods this want CRT are doing.

The above photo shows how the CRT are working on lock 14 all the water has been taken out the pound so that the wash wall can be rebilut and then the whole lock gate can be replaced. Then it will be panted black and have it numbers put back on as the winding gate as all ready been add.

Now unlike most jobs like this would carried out with help a huge articulated carne but the lock at Marple run up the side of a very steep hill so the heres were the 200 year tech comes in, there going to use block and tackle to rise and lower the gate into place and then run there testing.

​ As you can guess a job like this will take sometime and reading the CRT notice the work will cost a total of £384,000 and take from the 3rd of Jan to the 23rd of March 2017 now as a boater you would think I would upset that I can’t travel but as long as the junction at the top of flight remands open I can still get on the Macclesfield canal and our Cheshire Ring trip can still go on, if not I can still move along the open parts of the Marple, for the 8 weeks  that its shut.

But on the plus side when CRT reach lock 16 at the top of the hill there are holding an open day On the 21st of January 2017 10am – 4pm which mean I will be able to walk down to the bottom of the drained lock now having used this lock on the way up it will be fascinating to see the lock without its water. Not only that will it hopfully make a good blog post could be a test of you tube video

More infomtion can be found by searching ‘Marple Lock open day’ or going to 


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