All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton.

The following blog has Spoilers.

Recap-The Spy and Ross have Jay, the network of works plus a understanding of want he was trying to do. With all the madness in the office the Spy and Jean slip away so can explan it to her.

Chapter ThriyTwo (last chapter) – Over the next few weeks the Spy works with Ross and the other people in the office to get the Jay network working for them. The Spy is called into a high office and given the’all clear’ thanks to Ross and trying to sell him a flie. But spy wants to know who tipped off Jay and Dalby, but its told to leave it but the Spy takes back a file marked ‘Henry’ in to hopes of finding out.

As for Jay and Dalby, Jay is broke and still using the network works for the ‘good guys’ Dalby however meets with a road accident and killed. Ross takes over the office and spy works for him, he even get his trousers patched.

What I think- So we reach the end of the book and I was very inpressed with it, a few points in the book you really feel the spy is going to fail and even die, a lot of the book deals with his working class army life and the real world not this half devil/half angel he lives in now.

We have the film and the audio to cover next but the will be starting on the 6th Jan 2017 it will be the film frist staring Sir Michael Caine, I will try and do the chapters of the DVD in the same as the book I hope you can join for that.


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