NarrowBoat Ezri – Week Six/Seven Of Winter or The Review Log Part Two.

Strines Road/narrows its what I call a halfway ponit what I mean by that is, Strines is just outside both New Mills and Marple so just like being down at Romiley the only other people you see are mostly other boats and dog walkers, the center of both town is good 10/15 minute walk.

There are a lot tress around there so every morring it was cleaning leaves off Ezri. I had to go to work twice when I was there and when I came back she was almost burned in them. Unlike being at Romiley there was night light comming from a few homes, so just take care if you don’t have blackout blinds. But having said that there is nothing in the world that beats being on Ezri and the fire light playing on the roof at night.

All too soon it was moving day again, this small trip we were heading to New Mills / Carr Lane Swing Bridge I wrote about the journy in the blog post called ‘Moving Monday’  ( ) So I not going to cover old ground. But I will add that the train is a lot closer than being in Marple, and on the right side of the canal, which may cause few problems when the night comes and people want to sleep.

Walking around I found out that the area is bookended by three railway stations one at New Mills Newtown and the other New Mills Central and the last at Furness Vale so it not hard to get into Manchester for work. But its not all mad rushing hour life there are some nice walks over the hill and though the parks.

But just as I get into swing of things its time to move once more, now I had coming to two days free from work which I wanted to spend at Buxworth (Narrowboat Ezri- Bugsworth Blackout and NarrowBoat Ezri – Whaley Bridge and Bugsworth Basin along the way there were a few problems, But the nice surprise was the steam rally that went on when I was at bugsworth.

As for what I ended up doing for winter mooring in the end, Well CRT didn’t let me have one despite the fact that in total this year I’ve done 50 miles, from Littlebough – Romiley- Marple – Stains Road – Whaley Bridge – Bugsworth – Stains Road – New Mills/Carr Lane and that I am still only being given a 6 Months licence. 

I did the the best thing I could on the Peak there are three Marinas one at Marple, one at New Mills and the last Furness Vale being at Carr Lane rang the nice people at Furness Vale who let me buy a winter mooring from them, which also may be the answer to the CRT next year.

There is still a few things to do on Ezri before the end of the year so this only a mini review of how things are cruisin wise and in the next week or two I should have all the little things done and dusted.


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