All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton.

The following blog has Spoilers.

Recap-The Spy has been taken prisoner and is tortured by several men of unknown origin reporting to be either Americans or hungarians, he does get out of the cell and then finds that he’s been in england the whole time. And he finds his way to an old friend

Chapter TwentyEight- With the help of his friend Charile the Spy is able to put himself back together and then goes for a walk, he gets a few things out of dead drop box and takes on more help in the shape of a Private detective called Mr Waterman Then returns to Charlie to find out he’s been murdered.

The spy heads off with Mr Waterman following to find Dalby who gives him the line that Jay was trying to sell him back and that he could now have Chico, the spy leave only to be told by Mr Watermen that when he was talking a Chinese man came out looking around the cars so the spy plans to go back.

Chapter TwentyNine- The Spy and Mr Waterman make their way back to Dalby’s house only to find that Dalby is talking to K.K., Murray and then a third man Jay himself.

The spy tries to get Mr Watermen to move but its Murray who takes hold of him, the spy asks Murray for help but Murray but tells him that his name is not Murray but Harriman amd to get well away. But just then Watermen hits Murray/Harriman on the head. Togther they hide Murray/Harriman in the flower bed and wait and few minutes later Jay leaves the house. So they follow.

What I Think- It would appaer that we are getting to the end of the story, how it will end I have no idea, the last few chapters have been lot of fun to read as the spy joins the dots the dots and almost turns to the reader and says see this bit goes here and do rember when.

The footnotes are getting a little longer again but as we are near the end I will forgive them.


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