All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton.

The following blog has Spoilers.

(Apologies for last week as I had the flu all last week so there going to be 3 chapters)

Recap-The spy has been aressted by the US and is held in a cell, being told he’s a murder of two people and in fact working for the Russians.

Chapter TwnetyFive – Still in the cell the spy is given test after test, from simple IQ tests all the way though to blood test.Days go by and the test go on. Only to be replaced by a second US Army Captain who speaks very bad broken english and tells the spy he’s being extradited then he’s Injected with something. And is taken to a new place

When he wakes up there is a little man which the sky calls KK. For days after KK comes into the new cell and makes the spyrepeat strange phrases and sentences and told to do things and every time he got something that he would be given a reward. But over the days and weeks the spy is told by a Hungarian Office and a Ambassador that there will be a trial. So after watching the prison guard movement the spy makes his escape by hitting his only friend on the head.

After breaking through a plate glass window, It turns out that he has not been in Hungary or even still on the island in fact he is in West London.

Chapter TwnetySix-The spy had fallen into the garden of a Mr Keating, who not to happy about the spy breaking his runner bean frames, The spy tells him that he is running away from his very large brother-in-law on his way work and would like some help. Mr Keating gives the spy a few coins of the telephone.

ChapterTwentySeven- The Spy is able to make a phone call to his friend Charile Cavendish, who helps the spy put himself back together and they slowly try to work out a next move. The spy has no idea who to trust or who to talk to. He sends Charile out to find some infromtion but he comes back with news that Carswell in not real.

What I think – Like I said at the top of this post I had the flu when reading the cell chapters and that may have added to the feeling of being really there. Our spy goes though the mill a lot and only just gets away. And the fact he’s not a James Bond you have no idea if in fact he will live let alone save the day.


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