All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton.

The following blog has Spoilers.

Recap-The spy and Jean have found a Russian codebook on the island were the atomic bomb test is taking place,But have yet to find any connection to anybody on the island, the spy is told everybody thinks he’s working for the Russians.But just as he is about to leave there is an accident and Dalby called him to the scene. Whereupon he’s arrested.

Chapter Twentythree- The spy is held in a room somewere on the island and everytime he asks a question he is beated, by one of the guards After what seems to be days he is taking to a second room. Where a Brigadier give them something to eat and drink and explains that the spy has murdered A US naval officer and then is shown the naval officers body.

Chapter Twentyfour- Fort twenty four hours the Brigadier, interrogates the Spy givimg him anything he wants apart from his freedom and show him a film reportedly of him Heading along the coast and sending his Hi-speed radio signal to the Russians, But then is informed that the atom bomb test and the information is false in fact it’s a neutron bomb test. And the party was cover so the construction team could change out certain aspects of the bomb.

What I think-It would appear we are on the home stretch of the book most of the actions Our spy friend has been asked to undertake didn’t make a lot of sense for a long time, But nowThey seem to have some purpose If just to incriminate him.


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