NarrowBoat Ezri – Week Two Of Winter.

With winter well trully in full swing, and not having to move Ezri for the next three months, its time turn my hands to the little jobs that I have been meaning to do. The first most pressing job, Is the change the broken and shattered wooden panel inserts in Ezri’s front doors, Most narrowboat front doors have small windows in but Ezri doesn’t, she had two full metal  doors with two small vent at the bottom

This was a job that was meant to be done around this time last year, but we panited Ezri out and then a few other things went on.So having the wood replacement already measured and cut its a case of seeing how the first wood panel fits in the metal frame of the door. 

It tunrs out that its just a thin sheet of ply wood in touge and grove frame which explains the heat loss and why it shattered, when I hit the side of the bank on that frist day.

When we took off the vent there was a hole about the size of a CD which you can your fingers inside and see/feel that there is no insulation between the wood and the steel door, so yet more heat loss, yes I know a vent is to let air out but only though the vent holes not the door.

The job is a simple I hope pull out the ply wood and the frame add insulation to the door cut for the vent, put in the new wood in and add a new vent plate one which can be shut if needed, the vents I am added are a little bigger and only one will shut so there a air flow all the time, just in case.

The thing is findding the insulation, too thin and Ezri will still be cold, too thick and the wood will not fit, most narrowboats have somekind of insulation so it easy to find, I found something called Therma Wrap I think the way it work the thin the sheet of insulation the more it cost but on th bright side I have enough to do all the doors.


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