The following blog has Spoilers.

Recap-Still at nuclear testing ground our spy is informed by both old friends that everyone thinks he’s a spy for the russians and that he better keep his head down and leave, but He and Jean are following up on something Dalby has maybe done.

Chapter TwentyOne- Two days after He and Jean found the russian papers they stay out of personal reach keeping strictly, as the Spy works with Dalby. There is a party and Dalby and the spy get talking and Dalby thinks it would an idea of the spy to work with americans, and there is talk about want test of atom bomb with prove.
But then the spy gets two cables one says he’s for the high jump but here is some money to help you run and the other saying be careful.
As he decoding the second cable a PFC ask if he will meet Dalby as there an accident. And that Lieutenant Montgomey aka Barney was dead. The spy following Dalby heads to the accident.

Chapter TwentyTwo- Reaching the accident the spy can’t see Dalby, then there a lot search lights and helicopters with the noise in the light he managed to see Barney hanging halfway, but seconds flat is arresnted.

What I think – Just like the spy I feel a little lost at times, frist he spy for the russians and has a huge network of people working for him so on-one trust him but then he’s working with Dalby who wants he to go over and work with the americans, But still he can’t find Jay. Its all a bit mad.


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