All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton.

The following blog has Spoilers.
Recap- The spy has been running department for several weeks, When Dalby comes back and takes him and Jean to watch Atom bomb test the spy meets two of his hold colleagues You don’t seem too friendly giving him false names and mentioning people neither of them have ever met.

Chapter Nineteen- The spy takes the hint and under the cover of taking measurements travels along to the highest scaffolding point on the island, Meeting Barney at the top, Barney pulls a .32 on him and  he finds out that all the members of intelligence community think he’s a spy working for the Russians but Barney thinks there wrong.

So in the end Barney hands over the .32 and the spy walks away and gets something to eat in the mess.

Chapter Twenty – After eating the spy walked around to the other side of a mess with Jean is talking to a group of American bomber pilots, Trying to information about where if and how the bombs are going to be delivered, After they leave She walks over to the spy and gives her the information, and that she works only for him and She then takes him for a drive around the island.

She takes in to a place where her and Dalby where the previous night, and the spy follows her in the overgrown jungle old Japanese block house, after a bit of digging around they find  a Cathode ray tube and lots of papers with Russian script on them some of which say Neutron bomb on it.

The spy bruns the papers and walks away Jean follows and then tells him almost the same thing as Barney did but adding that they think Carswell maybe the link to KGB and using the fact the spy killed US navy officers before, she ask want he’s going do the replays something that people like us never do.

What I think- We get a little more background information on the spy when the circles he moved in before joining the Intelligence community, as for the story It’s moving along pretty swiftly but there are a few difficult footnotes to follow and the chapters are getting longer.


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