The following blog has Spoilers.

Recap- After watching the flim the spy is given a second tape fron Keightley which is stragne sounds, and still unsure how to carry on his job finding Jay and the things from the house, he goes to the Led’s coffee bar were he ends up meeting his new assistant Jean Tonnesen.

Chapter Seventeen – On the filing cabinet was a vast jugful of yellow daisies, my new carpet had been tacked into the dry rot, and the window was open for the first time in months.

Back in his office Alice gives the spy the full file on Jean which he is trying to read when Carswell walks into the room with plan to move things on, but not wanting to lose Murray he lets the old man carry on talking, as the phone rings it turns out to be Chico who has been missing for last few days. And is on the heels of Dalby.

In the end the spy says yes to everyone Chico puts down the phone saying he will ring late the next day and Carswell goes away happy, but later that night Dalby makes a return asking the spy to come with him a A-bomb test.

Chapter Eighteen – Tokwe Atoll was a handful of breakfast crumbs on a blue coverlet.

The spy, Jean and Dalby make it to place a called Laboratory Field or Lay Field which didn’t ten weeks ago. All run by US Army Intelligence, the spy knows two people from his work with CIA Bankrolls ‘Skip’ Henderson and Barney Barnes.

With a huge group of people they are given a quick history lesson in the A-bomb by Battersby of the US Intelligence Department then he tells them about what the test is going to be.

The spy then is told to go off with Skip, Lt. Dolobowski and Jean. The spy tells him about the job, Skip and Dolobowski in turn tell about the multiple leaks they are having across the board.The spy does’t tell them about the leaks that they have, Skip is a little withdrawn and very much unlike the old Skip the spy once knew.

Meeting up with Dalby again who Now wearing a brightly coloured hawaiian shirt and getting into the spread of being american. They are all talk about skip henderson and despite begins to think they could be something wrong with his old friend

The spy sees Barney he walks over to him and finds out he’s called Lee Montgomery and asks about old friendd they both know Nat Goodrich and song they once sang about climbing mountains the Trouble is that the spy does not know anybody called Nat Goodrich.
What I think -The story is being driven very well And with tying up a few loose ends But chapter 18 is very overly long, All the history of the atom bomb and The plan of campaign the Americans and their testing, And the backstory For the spy and his friends Seems a little tack on.


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