With winter well on is way its time to change out the clothes I have on Ezri, the day to day stuff all gets wash in the small shower-room sink or hung up and showered down all simple t-shirts or jeans and the like are dead simple. Or I wait until I am working and ask my Dad to wash them for me.

But my winter clothes are mostly heavy wool or very thick material,so it calls for little more planing, I also have a waterproof blue outside coat which need cleaning before the bad weather really set in, the sink is to small and the shower just doesn’t work, the water just runs off.

So this calls for a very low tech solution test, I own two huge see thougth boxes one of which is of my bedding (sheet, quilt and blanket) the other all my clothes.

Emptying the bedding box is the simplest solution and with three kettles of hot water I have myself a washing tub and away I’m cleaning my jacket, if this works I will have away of washing all my winter things.

But unlike your washing machine at home there is lot more work to be done, for one I don’t have any real detergents or washing machine liquid so I will use just plan old hand soap and scrubbing brush.

And a hour later I have scrubbing, soak and pulled out most of the water from my jacket and the water is now a grey brown which can slowly poured away, as its just safe cold water now. Ezri’s fire will go on soon both to dry out the box and my coat, if this works I will have find some soap power.


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