All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton.

The following blog has Spoilers.

Recap- The spy and the police raid a house in the hope of tracking down Jay, but find only empty rooms and a odd kind of Zoo. The days after the spy’s old boss Ross tries to sell him a file for some spare cash, but spy says no.

Chapter Fifteen – Outside in Bury Street, the dirty old London air smelt clean.

Our spy walks back to the office still taken a back by Ross and his no sale, when he gets there he puts a request in for a new office girl, so Alice can get on the real work. He then has and second meeting with Ross and a few other men who are shown the flim they found in the house.

But then he finds out Keightley has been hold out on him, the police found a second tape this one just a whole lot of Disjointed sounds.

Chapter Sixteen – The next day I didn’t go into the office in the morning.

The following day the spy dosen’t going to the office rather spending time in a small coffee shop Reading the Daily Express thinking about how the people around him, He would not like them as personal friends. And about how much information he really is getting and how its all very pointless, if all he can get hold of are what they want him too see.

But into the coffee shop walks Miss Jean Tonnesen, who had been sent by Alice to the spy with a urgent note from Chico saying he was going away and would phone in at tea time. The spy takes Jean to dinner at Terrazza and learns her stories. But has they are leaving the spy shock out the nice time by the feeling of othe people watching him.

What I think – There is a lot to take in the chapters about Ross and the people around the spy and how he does’t really get a long with anyone because of his class. The story knits together well it just a case of keeping up and watching out for the footnotes 


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