Saturday morning cartoons was the huge umbrella term for original animated television programming that was typically scheduled on early saturday mornings for children around the world. Begining in late 1960s frist in the cinemas and then when TV came to it carried on through, but endding in the early 2000’s with muitl channel 24 hour children’s programing.

But a friend of mine Gegg Taylor is trying to bring them back in very small way with the use Youtube and his very own superhero the Red Panda which began life as a podcast, (free to download and listen to) from Decoder ring Theatre. Then with help from artist Dean Kotz and publisher Monkeybrain a new set of stories became a downloadable comic 69 p (british Currency) from comiXology.

Now each of those stories are being turned into motion comics with the original cast reprising their roles, Mr Taylor is releasing each of these every saturday morning (Canadian time). And just like the old saturday morning cartoons you tune in every weekend to see the next thrilling adventure of The Night of The Red Panda.


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