All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton.

The following blog has Spoilers.

Recap- A call as come though from the police to our spy, they are holding a man maskerading as policeman- the man is ‘on the books’ but nothing can be proved. Our spy and two other men rush to see by the time they get there the man has been killed and it turns out be to the houseman. With help from the arresting officer our spy works out where houseman has come from and rads the house only to find it divoid of life.

Chapter Thirteen – I talked to Murray about everything except the job.

When the police forensic team have done taking their pictures and finding fingerprints Our spy, Chico and Ross decided to tour the building, The rest of the house seems perfectly normal there even fresh food still cupbords, until they enter the roof space. And according to chico it looks like a private Zoo In the centre of one of the scrub clean rooms there is a water tank and in this water tank there is tape.

Chapter Fourteen- Tuesday was big echoing summer’s day.

With the fall out from the raid our spy is finding it hard to link Jay to the Haunted House, He has a regular meeting with Ross, But this one turns out to be far more interesting because this time Ross is rather drunk and tries to sell our spy a file of information from you only apartment, in the hope make some cash. But our spy says no.

What I think- the last two chapters have been easy to read, not many footnotes and asterisks and have driven the plot forward but there have been a few class wars as well, Chico being to main know it all, one or two old boy network jokes but nothing to distracting.


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