Ezri and Me have left Whaley Bridge and Bugsworth Basin, we are now heading back towards Marple but stopping along the way, because at some point we have head back as I have found Ezri a winter mooring is not a CRT one. Its at one of the places along the Peak canal and just for three months.

I didn’t really want to but for two things CRT said I didn’t qualify for a winter it may have something to do with being on a six month licence after being unable to move out of Littleborough last year after the floods, I did try twice frist time getting only as far as Smithy Bridge low water and the second time endding up having to sit on the bottom of the canal for two days as the water was taken from me at Belfield. All I got told is I didn’t qualify so that’s that 

The second reason is that as I have been walking along the Peak I have seen chained up huge wood blocks and witnessed them being set into groves along the canal stopping the water flow. Now it maybe just be for emergencies or water testing I just don’t know but I can’t take that risk of being trapped again. 

And without a winter mooring I would have had to keep moving in whatever the weather and after last year that would have been hard.

On a more lighter note Ezri feels somehow more alive as the nights grow in, when we were at bugsworth everyone had there fires going the air was full of heat and light somke, it was magic. I didn’t even use the gas cooker it somehow felt wrong so cooked on my little boatman stove, sitting there slowing cooking my food watching the fire listening to podcasts.

I hope for more nights likes these.


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