When you reach the end of the Peak there is a small jucation both of which lead to dead ends making the end of the Peak the frist is Whaley Bridge, were mooring signs are very missleading, all privte moorings or sometimes not, and the water point in at the very end of the canal.

As for the other turning that leans into Bugsworth Basin, a huge set of branches and old stone quays which don’t lead to anywhere but were once the links of old tram-way which carried line rock, The moorings here are a little less messed up than Whaley Bridge you have 48 hours no more. Unless once again you have privrte mooring. Shown by a small little signs you don’t see untill you pass it.

I found all this out after my 14 days came to a end just outside Furness Vale, the Bugsworth Basin bit I knew having been down in the car, (could had walked but dad wanted to see to) I looked up Whaley Bridge on two web sites one te CRT the other Canal Plan and both said nothing about privtir moorings. But on my trip down I also asked around and was told that signs were not right as the makings didn’t make it clear were the privit mooring started and stopped.

I also got told how bad it was around there but it would be for three days then into Bugsworth, I then had it pointed out to me that there are rings just at the start of the Bugsworth arm, now there Ok if you planing to bash your boat along the side of the wall or just be there for two or three hours but not days.

In the end we used Whaley Bridge, dispite being near a Tecos and the main road wasn’t to bad I even had someone pull up infornt of Ezri.

On to Bugsworth a matter of 10 to 15 mins sail, like I said before now its just a lot old quays, and the odd set of rings which makes it easy for Ezri to move around and turn. But mooring a little hard. I don’t want knock holes everywere for her pins so I working on two ropes one front, one back.

Now that’s Ok or it would but she now in the middle of two boats who turn up about ten minutes after Ezri, Dad and Me so am just a little jumpy about Ezri sliding about as the boats comming in now have to pass Ezri to turn around. They all want there spots I guess.


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