Narrowboat Ezri- Bugsworth Blackout.

Friday night and I have read and written for my blog ‘The Ipcress File’ post, worte about the move from Whaley Bridge to here, even took a few photo’s for Instagram. But I can’t post a single things.

You see Bugsworth is a blackout area I can’t even make a phone call, ok I can but I have walk over the A6, half way up a hill side and stand in the middle of the road way. Other people may be able to get a network signal but I on EE.

Truth be told I really don’t care, Last week I had unlimted internet could spend hours just watching You Tube, playing on twitter and reading the news. But its got to ponit were it infromation overload, your only ever a few clicks away from some crazy person or some hate filled rant.

I grew up without the internet, I was just entering college when it started to became the must have thing and then it was dial-up, and we had a house rule only a hour a day I can’t belive I have become so use to it.

I don’t think I could go back to a hour a day because of the people I watch on You Tube post hour long game play videos, and I try live post my blog (a few minutes after writting them) and twitter, but I will try and cut down my internet.

Its a mind set I guess Ezri is bed, shower, kichen all in 35 ft worth of space so having somthing like the internet is a extra. I have my books, my ebooks and podcasts, which only get used at night or bad weather.

Ezri was never sitting down she’s all about being outside seeing the world around me and trying to pass on the things I see to the rest of the world.


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