All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton.

The following blog has Spoilers.

Recap – After blowing up a car owned by the US Navy, Dalby and our spy are able get Raven back. Then Dalby tells the spy all about Raven’s scientific theory. So with help of two men, one called John and a old heroin pusher called Mr Adem and Adem’s helicopter Derby takes Raven out of Beirut. Back in London our spy is given the job for trying to find Jay.

Chapter Nine- Dalby had buzzed me for a meeting at three o’clock.

The meeting that our spy is called to, is really de- briefing from a Captain Carswell also at the de-briefing is Chico who knows most people by there nickname’s which our spy dislikes a lot. The de-brifeing is all about S.1 (Security grade 1 people) being found altoghter in unspecified place in Britain and some of them being kidnapped until ours spy and Dalby we’re able to recover Raven From Jay.

Chapter Ten- Dalby seconded Carswell to work with me.

The spy is given two people to work with a Sgt. Murry and Captain Carswell who are trying to find links between the miss men. But are having no luck which is getting Dalby down as the spy is sumiting very high expense on behalf of both men.So in the end Dalby gives then there expense account.

As for trying to find Jay Dalby thinks that he may have played a part in the Burgess and Maclean defected but other that there are no real leads, In fact Dalby has put our spy in charge of the whole section, IBM computer system but just for a little time.

Alice helps out the spy and teaches him how the system and the control of information. Then there is phone call from Criminal Records Scotland Yard military liaison officer.

What I think –

The story is getting a little bogged down in some of the explanations, How much is this why do you do that, the whole Jay history lesson which was the last chapter. Bits like that which could have been put in one at a time, not page after and then what Dalby thinks again in chapter ten.

The spy does whoever take to form opinions of the people he works with Dalby being all old school tie and the two new people Carswell just wants to Have himself out a job in military intelligence for no other reason than I think he might be good at it.

As for the plot there its still moving along.


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