Creative Day -Southern Nights

Southern nights
Have you ever felt a southern night?
Free as a breeze
Not to mention the trees
Whistling tunes that you know and love so

The way the same song is sung can give you a totally different perception of the songs meaning and tail being told, the best example of this the song ‘Southern Nights’ written by Allen Toussaint

Southern skies
Just as good even when closed your eyes
I apologize to anyone who can truly say
That he has found a better way
Feel so good
Feel so good, It’s frightenin’
Wish I could
Stop this world from fighting

Mr Toussaint was inspired by  his childhood memories of visiting relatives in the Louisiana, and its star-filled nighttime skies a first the song a more soulful psychedelic folk tale.

Southern skies
Have you ever noticed southern skies?
It’s precious beauty lies just beyond the eye
Goes rushing through your soul
Like the stories told of old

But when Glen Campbell took hold of the song it became a more upbeat country song with Mr Campbell adding a unique guitar lick that he had learned from friend Jerry Reed, and changing the order of the lyrics which gave Mr Campbell his last country No. 1

Old man
He and his dog they walked the old land
Every flower touched his cold hand
As he slowly walked by
Weeping willows
Would cry for joy

Although Mr Toussaint original version never charted it would become his signature song and one of most loved songs he ever wrote. The Mr Campbell version of the song can be found on his thirty-second album called ‘Southern Nights, released in 1977 and Mr Toussaint album also called ‘Southern Nights’ but released in 1975.

Like this and many others in the trees
Blow in the night.
In the southern skies

Mr Toussaint died in the early hours of November 10, 2015 Spain, while on tour as for Mr Campbell he’ had to stop performing in February 12, 2012, due Alzheimer’s, So I have picked appearances by both at the high of their power.



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