All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton.

The following blog has Spoilers.

Recap – After a disastrous pick up in a strip club our spy is made to change his name and then put on a flight to Beirut. On the flight he meets a man from the club who has been sent to kill and taken Raven from him little help from his driver He is able to deal with the man and smuggler two Incendiary bombs through customs.

Which he and Dalby use to stop two cars one which carrying Raven and the other which belongs to the US Navy.

Chapter Seven- I saw Dalby butting his head back, his  long fair hair flashing in the hot sunshine.

Our spy and Dalby are sat in the ruins of a Corinthian temple having hold up with Raven at place own by a Lt-Col in the RAMC, they talk about Jay, Raven and ‘synthesized environment’ in short how if a unskilled person from another country is put in German factory they will quickly learn how to operate the machinery just as well as someone who is native but if west German’s build a factory in Greece and employ local labour they find it hard going to teach, the individual will adopt to the attitude around them.

Dalby needs to get Raven away, so our spy and him meet man called Mr Adem who has a history with Ross and at one time inovled with the US Anti-Narcotics Bureau. Mr Adem is never paid just given things to keep him from running drugs. Dalby gave him a small Small helicopter which Derby is going to use to take Raven away.But not before Mr Adem give Dalby and spy a meal.

A day later Dalby, Mr Adem and the Lt-Col get Raven together (who no memory of the drive and bomming) and they all fly off leaving our spy in Beirut with only the crossword he started on the plane.

Chapter Eight- April is a hell of month to be in London, and on the Tuesday I had to go to Sheffield to see some of our people there.

The spy is back in London working on trying to find new information on Jay with very little help, when Dalby comes in, the spy hadn’t seen him since the helicopter ride and how each get back to London is never told.

The spy tells Dalby he’s not been paid for two months or has he’s expenses, so Dalby takes him out to lunch which is a Very expensive restaurant, the questions Dalby about want he’s really doing but get no real anwers.

A day later the spy not only gets a electricity bill in the post, but also a request form to return his sidearm. Better news at the office comes when Alice gives a green file will all the information on the man they call Jay.

What I think –

Have the feeling that the frist half of chaper seven was really just a links page, there is a lot of trying to explain things why Jay and Raven are so important, what Raven’s role and then adding extra background on two people who we may never see again,

If you discount that then its simple Dalby and the spy now have Jay and they use a man called Mr Adem who has a helicopter to take Jay somewere, back in London the spy is trying to find Raven and who he works for.

I did take me a few reads to fully understand what was going, and it was odd that we didn’t find out how the spy got back to London but the fact we still get to see the real world is a nice touch.


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