NarrowBoat Ezri – Moving Monday

So my 14 days around Staines is comming to an end, I have two more days left but being here on the Peak Forest canal is a joy, so moving up and down it is fun. 

The plan is to run the whole length of the canal system, All the way from Portland in the center of Ashton-under-Lyne to the end at Buxworth and Bugsworth Basin. That will six full system me and Ezri had done since starting our adventure together.

Unlike the last move there are no locks to struggle with, No fear of lack of water and plenty of places to moor up a long the way. The only thing are three movable bridges standing in my way. But dad said he would help me out.

We had a little car ride out to the next town over, a walked back to Ezri not only dose it save Dad walking all the back to Marple but gives me a chance to check out some of the mooring places and see the bridges too.

In ten minutes of our walk I had picked a place using a small Fibreglass boat as a marker and enjoyed the walk at each bridge I worked out want we needed to do to move so Ezri could pass though.One was a push, one was wind-up and the last was a push button all very simple.

Ezri’s checks done, chains untied and we were off. Ezri hummed along nice a easy, we got to the first bridge I had pulled Ezri in tied up and was watching dad as he was lifting it up when out of nowere a man stepped on Ezri and said he was from the boat behind us and if I dropped off on the other side he would close the bridge.

There wasn’t please or would you be so kind just this want going to happen, even when I reached the other side all he said was ‘stop the boat now’ he didn’t even care about how dad was meant to get back on. Clearing the bridge, I put a little more speed on so I could widen the gap between me and they’re boat which didn’t last to long because everytime I looked over sholder there it was.

But it did grow when we had to slow down for an on comming, Ezri is only 35 ft and I swing her around a bit add to that the Peak Canal is a little wide, I slipped Ezri over to the rigth and passed without to much fuss.

As we reached the second bridge there was boat comming down though and they were kind and let us pass though before closing it but just as the nice lady from that boat was getting back on, the boat that had been following came around the bend, so not only did they have to stop once but twice. Once because the down boat had his bow out and end in so he could make the turn and wife, girlfriend, sister or what could step back on but. Once more to open and shut the bridge.

Before the last bridge are a set of over flows now Ezri is very light in the ballast so I had slow down a little we reached the bridge opened it and was just about to go though when the Fiberglass boat I had used for a marker at the end of our journey Came towards us.

My First thought was he was coming through the bridge but in fact he pulled over and began to play with his engine so that took a few minutes of working out and as Dad left to now closed bridge on the other the man who had stepped on Ezri without asking came running along the path.

He was upset the other people had not let them though the bridge too and had been across the water so they had to slow down. Dad got back on and we pulled away, with my marker gone all I had to was look out for the anchor barrier which I have passed on our way up.

But as we headed up we meet another boat comming down only this time he moved to the rigth before I could so I had to pull in towpath side, and Dad was still looking behind us, when someone keeps standing up look towards you, its a bit of a distraction, so when he did point out some anchor barrier I dismissed it, thinking we had a few more yards to go.

Within in minutes, we had past the sweet factory which is one of the main attractions in this small town and then the Marina Which only has room for private mode boats and then long-term moorings.

I didn’t want turn Ezri around becuse some how the other boat was once again only few yards away, I didn’t want to carry on it was only when saw a second Fiberglass boat On the bend did we see some more anchor barrier, in minutes Ezri was morried up and safe on chains.

Looking around I worked out that at start of November the whole place will be given up for winter moorings which are £10 per meter per month so getting a mooring here is not a option, but for now its still 14 days. Ezri is a lot safer that frist place we walked passed, in walking distance of the train station.

I never did see the boat that had followed us up here, I can only think they turned around or pulled up for the afternoon, Now don’t get me worng eveyone who pay there money can use the canal, but two things the man attitude towards me and Ezri as if were at his beck and call, Ezri is my home not just a stepping stone, its like some banging on your door saying I am watching your TV, the second Ezri has only small engine that I understand, but they could have asked to me pull over at the frist bridge so they could race ahead but the real reason they didn’t was so I and dad have to do all the work at the bridges, and they could just coast through.


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