NarrowBoat Ezri – Winter Mooring Maybe ?

As summer draws to its close and the leaves on the trees turn brown, I have to start once again to think about winter morrings. Last I waited to the frist week in November to get my mooring in the middle of Littleborough, as was the only boater there for whole five months but not this year. For one thing I am no anywere near Littleborough and second the morring is not on this years list.

Of the ten places that were on last years list there are only now three, and two of them are twice the price, which is only unfair but unsafe for more that a few people.

The best example of this, is to take my winter mooring at Littleborough last year it was the only place on whole of the Rochdale canal that did not flood, When we had the boxing day storm the only place that is available on this years list are the Todmorden visitor moorings which did flood and were damged.

That cused a whole lot of issues for me, when it came to the end of my winter mooring. But that all in past now. If can’t get the winter mooring fine I will keep my momey in my pocket. Being on the Peak Forest canal and the Macclesfield should aford me the ability to move around the network without get stuck. I will just have to see when moorings go on sale at the start of October.


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