The following blog has Spoilers.

Recap -Our spy goes a to strip club with a man who can help him Raven, but gets left at the fornt door so goes looking around and finds Raven lying unconscious in the dark. The next thing that happens is the The police come bursting through the door and our spy has to make his escape, a few days later he changes his whole identity.

Chapter Five -Monday I got to Charlotte Street usual time. A little grey rusting Morris 1000 knelt at the kerb, Alice at the controls.

Going back to the office the spy is spotted by Alice who drives him to Vauxhall Bridge Road but not before she tells him the cigarette girl was trying to give him a miniature camera conceal in one of the soft toys she had been selling.which had the infromation he wanted.

Alice gives him a envelope and then he changes cars, this one takes him the London airport. Inside the envelope is a new/old passport another photo of Raven and a key to overnight lockers. The locker has a bag which adds to his cover, as he’s crossing the airport our spy see his old boss Ross. They don’t speak to each other but they do nod.

Once on the plane he gets stuck sitting next a ‘thick-necked idiot of about twentytwo stone’ our trys to just enjoy the flight but the man next him has other ideas first talking about how he should have been on another plane, then with jokes about Spaghetti as they fly over Rome and take fuel on.

When the man goes to the toilet our spy goes through the mans bags, and finds out that ‘Harrison BJD’ is the man from the strip club who was there when the cigarette girl told him to ‘go home, ‘Harrison’ has two photos one of Raven and the other our spy and also carrying a kinfe.

When they leave the plane for refueling our spy meets his london driver again, he tell him about ‘Harrison’ he asks about the bag our spy is carring all it well, and is told to leave it on the plane when reach Beirut, the refulling is done and our man gets back on the plane but ‘Harrison’ is no were to be seen.

In Beirut there is a handover of bags and our man heads to his hotel.

Chapter Six- Peering between the slats of the wide venetian blind, the yellow and orange stucco buildings conspired to hide the sea.

Sitting in his hotel the spy goes though both the Suitcase and bag given to him by his driver One contains clothes packed very neatly and very impressively by Alice and the second one has Smith and Western handgun and a sticky bomb in it.

Sometime later that some day/night he is waiting half way up rock face with both gun and bomb listening to the radio, with Dalby on the other end they are waiting for a car that has Raven in it. 

Dalby stopped it with his own sticky bomb but there is a second which spy stops to this car however turns out to from US Embassy.

What I Think –

Well the story is running along very nicely, there no huge flights of fancy, the spy is trying his best to carry out his job, but like most people is making a few mistakes, the Cigarette girl being one the second being disastrous end chapter 6. 

If this had been another spy story it would been the spy himself that had dealt with “Harrison” all guns blashing, and then when he meets his contact He can’t remember whether or not his name is Harry. Which grounds the story a lot more there more spy-craft more nuts and bolts in fact there one or two footnotes at the ends of pages.


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