All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton.

The following blog has Spoilers.

Recap – So far we have meet a un-name spy who left Military intelligence to join civilian intelligence and track down a man named Jay, who may hold the key to finding another missing scientists called Raven.

Three- There was no other door to the room the windows were blocked.

Having seen Raven unconscious lying on the roulette table our needs to get down there to recover him and try to do it without people seeing him, he goes to one of the offices he’d passed before and takes a typewriter out and carries it back to his lookout point.

He’s about to throw it though the window, when the housemartin from before picks up the still unconscious Raven and walks away, our man brakes the window and jumps into the room just the poilce raid to club.

Quickly our man runs through the building in to the restaurant next door and pretend to be a Customer on the inside of his pockets find a small syringe. Put there by the Cigarette girl.

Four – I used the emergency number to go through to our secret exchange : Ghost.

After sometime our man rings into HQ and tells Dalby want has gone on which he just says fine well done for getting mixed up with the ‘blue poined head mob’ and that he should change his papers.

So feeling a little better our man goes home still with his shopping, more time passes and our man goes to second office were they Basically erasing from history and give a complete new set of driving licence, passport, birth certificate and even TV licence.
Now what I think so far so good the whole story is hanging together the little turn into big thing like the cigarette girl in chaper two being how our hero almost got done for drug possession, and how the little action of sitting at spare table save him from the police.


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