Narrowboat Ezri – Moving To Marple 

My 14 days just outside Romiley came to an end yesterday, now I could have just turned Ezri around and headed back the way I came, but I want to cover more of the Peak Canal which ends somewere in a place called Bugsworth Basin around the Peak District National Park. Which looks like a lot fun.

Anyway back to the move to get into Marple (backwards) there are 16 locks, Marple Aqueduct and what’s left of a very old tunnel. Dad came to help with locks because he said it would quicker and he wasn’t kidding.

Kicking Ezri’s engine took minutes took longer undo the back rope but that’s another story, any way Dad took his place at the front of Ezri and we slowly made our to start of the locks What I wanted to do was flim the crossing of the Aqueduct but as swiched on the camera it fell over so I tried again same thing happned it fell over so holding it in the air holding on to Ezri I tried to film a little bit but I couldn’t do both so off the camera went.

The next thing I had to do was let dad off so he could open the frist lock gate, now even after all those weeks after I still have the feeling that I could end up with no water under Ezri, but I have no problem in pulling in a Dad getting off, I was little heavy on the stick to get her off but other than that we’re golden.

Now on the way to Ezri we had seen three boats heading up and I though one comming down, which would mean two things all the lock would be full and at some point I would have to move to the side of the pound I just hope I didn’t ground somewhere.

So Ezri went in the frist lock and wanted to get up and help Dad but he say stay were I was so keeping Ezri level I did as I was told and up we came, now the second lock was still full of water so I told dad to let that water out and open the next lock and the pound would full and I could move out without being grounded 

I would shut the side paddle and open the lock gate and then move Ezri to next lock, I said fine but don’t climb out because the locks were very deep, so that the system we used.

Ezri would get in the lock he would shut the back gates, open frist the side paddle let the water in then paddle on the lock gate and move on to the next lock, with me inside the lock hold Ezri level. When she reached a save level I would step off shut the side paddle open the lock gate and take Ezri to next open lock, And it worked 

We got so good I could try again and start fliming, but this time with my phone 

One down and another down, we started at 11:36 am and were making good time when at the last four lock we caught up with the two remaing boats, we never saw the boat comming down.

Now by this time the middle of Marple was getting a little busy so down in the lock all could hear was echo of people above me, and wait until Dad could give me some water. He still said I should stay on Ezri so to a few on looks it did look like I was doing sod all.

We reached the last lock at 3:11 pm all that was left to was to find mooring, on my left was Peak and on my right was the Macclesfield for few meters both side is two days, but about a half a hour down the Peak are 14 day points but my plan all long was to go down the Macclesfield a little find a spot take on some water and then go to end of the Peak but slowly.

When Ezri was in the top of the lock and safe I quickly ran to the water point and found just a space and with help of the guys in the next boat was able to slip Ezri in, just by moving a working boat down a little, so tomorrow when I taken on some water I turn Ezri around head back on to the Peak.


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