All The Right Words – The Ipcress File by Len Deighton.

The following blog has spoilers,

As before I will give the first line of each chapter, but unlike before the chapter don’t have names they run from 1 to 32 with a Prologue and Appendix.

Prologue – “They came through on the hotline at about half past two in the afternoon.”

The prologue is two pages long, told in frist preson, Our un-named agent is talking to The Minister about a dossier, but The Minister wants a frist hand account of what has taken place.

One – “I don’t care what you say, 18,000 pounds (sterling) is a lot of money.”

The un-named agent takes a taxi to the ‘War Office’ to be discharged from the Army and Military Intelligence by a man named Ross, so he can join a small civilian unit called WOOP(P) run by man called Mr Dalby.

A few days, maybe a week (its not clear) later our agent have taken up his post and has the routine down knowing most if not all the office staff by name so far all his job has been is watch a flim of a men called JAY.

Our agent is called into Mr Dalby office, and is told that yet another disapperance this time a biochemistes codenamed Raven all told that makes eight in the space of six and a half weeks, the Home Office don’t want Mr Dalby to act, But Mr Dalby has other ideas he wants prove the other people wrong in the hope he can control all the other intelligence units

And so Mr Dalby tells our agent to go and buy Raven back from JAY or anyone who has him for the sum of 18,000 quid no questions asked and then Mr Dalby gives authorisation so our man can have £1,200 a year expenses.

Two – “I walked down Charlotte Street towards Soho, It was that sort of January morning that had enough sunshine to point up the dirt without raising the temperature.”

Our agent goes to a coffee house to meet JAY but not before going shopping, when he does finaly get to meeting he is unsure how to go about buying back Raven and starts but calling himself Beamish Stanley, and calls himself Henry Carpenter.

JAY says that our agent can buy him lunch but our agent is short on money has he’s still waiting for his back pay, so JAY takes our man to cheep place which just happands to be a members only club, at the door JAY goes off and the ‘Stanley’ is left to wait with the housemartin until the housemartin needs a pee and after a cigarette-girl tells him to leave

Our agent goes walking around inseted and from a room look down onto a green baize roulette table lays Raven

So here’s want I think so far a lot is made of our agent-hero being a working class lad from the north. Ex-amry lad done good Ross and he don’t get on but Mr Dalby that a diffrant thing they have joke between them, how there job is not all loud bangs and flash cars. The man even going shopping in the middle of job that’s not something James Bond would do.

There is no real ‘spying’ just a man working hard with the skill set he has to find out want happend to group of missing people so far.



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