All The Right Words – The Ipcress File By Len Deighton Introduction.

I am going to try this idea again, I did try this before with John Wyndham’s The Day Of The Triffids getting all the way to chapter five but the way Mr Wyndham wrote his female character came off not only a bit sick but down right creepy, she did mind getting felt up by men or getting drugged and the male character was upset she didn’t know how to cook or keep house

So I didn’t feel I could carry on.

Casting around my bookcase once again, I found another book I have, which has been made into a flim starting Sir Michael Caine, and a BBC audio drama with Ian Hart as the agent, and that is The Ipcress File by Len Deighton so just as before I am going to read the book, watch the flim and listen to the audio drama and see how each tells the same story.
Just be clear I have seen the flim a few times and I know the book is written in the first person, the audio drama too is a first person narrative other than that I don’t have clue.

The book was first published in 1962 and the flim was made three years later in 1965, the audio drama was frist broadcast in 2004 on BBC Radio Four 

The edition of the book I have is 2005 published by Harpercollins and on the back it reads

When a number of scientists mysteriously disappear in Berlin what seems to be a straightforward case rapidly becomes a journey to the heart of a dark and conspiracy. It is a conspiracy that takes Len Deighton’s working-class hero on a journey that will test him to the limits of his ingenuity and resolve, and call on him to prove himself as a spy at the very top of his game.

As before I will read two chapters give short outline then say want I think, which will be published every friday at 9:00 pm (gmt) So the frist two chapters will be on September 2 2016, then will follow the flim and audio drama.



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