I have done my new engine check list, worked out what weight I need to make Ezri feel level in the water, counted 20 and turned Ezri’s engine over.But still I can’t move because of all things rain, which for the last two days has been pouring down in huge sheets.

There have been the odd five minutes which I have been able to run my checks, place my coal and wood box outside, even have something to eat but the very minute that engine turns over down comes the rain I even took one of new chains off

Now I don’t mind getting a little wet, but the road to Romiley is a two hour trip and with the coal and wood box banging around in the front of Ezri I need someome make sure they stay level so I need crew, not only for that but the only lift at the start of Peak.

Not having Bing Crosby, Bob Hope or Dorothy Lamour to help on this particular road, I have my dad to help, but as I wrote before on the way here we were blined by the rain and both got the flu. So we both don’t want that again.

I am working Wednesday so Ezri has to be moved by then, I have alway tried to have a 24 hour window so if anything goes worng I could shut Ezri down in a safe place and still get to work even if ment being at my dad’s over night.

The thing is that moving Ezri on to the top of Peak for even 12 hour is a little unsafe, Andy said when he moved Ezri from there the other week one her pins had been taken up even with another boat near by also there are no ties on the Huddersfield narrow side of the junction. 

And after want I went thought to get off the Rochdale I am lothed to leave Ezri anywere that doesn’t have a place for mooring chain.


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