I have spent the last few days off Ezri because she was being refited after the engine rebuild, with new pipe work, new water cap and totally new exhaust pipe. And not only that but I found out she’s to light in the water.

That is to say the weight of her engine makes her prop and propeller drag in the water to much so she picks up all kinds of crap, which in turn put a huge strain on everything, Andy’s work is over Ezri runs, and runs well (she’s back at the Junction) but for me the rebuild is not over just yet.

I have make her heavy, now without removing my bed and ripping up Ezri’s floorboards to play with the ballast (if there is any) the simple solution is to make Ezri’s front the same weight as the back. 

How am I going to do this, by add three new bulk heads in the front well and with the addition of a few weights in the gas locker that should lift Ezri up and proved me with some more space for wood, coal and extra water.

Being away from Ezri for any length of time is an odd feeling, the best way I can explain it is like leaving half of yourself out there on towpath, so I want do most of this work when I am on her, so to move around the network I have do a little bit of a work around, placing my heavy coal and wood boxes, space oak wood planks and a lead weight in the well at the front.

So when I get down into Marple Junction, I can work her and still move around, from the Peak Foresr to the Macclesfield and even start bloging again and with a new bit of tech may even post a few videos on you tube.


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